Orange Pistachio Salad

You guys! We are getting so excited summer is happening and is in full swing!  We are on such a great path to even warmer weather which always means beach BBQ’s and patio drinks!  Whose excited?!  Clearly we are.  To express our excitement we wanted to make something light and fresh to get those summer vibes happening.  This orange pistachio salad is a perfect addition to a new sunnier and warmer season.  It’s a delightful mixture of sweet, savory, and spicy. 

This is best eaten on the patio with sunglasses and a nice glass of wine, of course.  We’d also pair it with a BBQ focused something: chicken is acceptable ribs would be ideal though  *this may or may not be foreshadowing to a new recipe that you should start drooling over now*.

A few things we want to highlight before getting to the recipe.  We will begin with the fact that this is a fresh, crisp, refreshing, and visually appealing recipe your guests can gush over.  We always need to note that the recipe is stupidly easy to make, allowing your night to be as efficient, with availability to consume as much wine, as possible (something high on our priority list).  Next, it’s gluten free and super healthy… So healthy that it might be one of the few things we make that doesn’t have cheese on it.  That’s probably the most important to note.  Finally, please also note, the “cooking” time listed there is 100% hands off. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′]Ok, we cannot resist a good old fashion Dad joke.  You ready?

  • Us: Knock knock.
  • You: Whose there?
  • Us: Orange
  • You: Orange who?
  • Us: Orange you happy to visited Champagne Chic Life today?!

So good, but so cheesy.  Nevertheless, we know you smiled!


Michelle & Samantha 

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