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You caught us.  We are total weekend escapees.  As soon as Friday afternoon (sometimes Thursday…) hits, we are OUTTA here.  Whether it be for a weekend in the desert, a weekend NYC or a weekend in Whistler, we constantly have something up our sleeves.  That being said, we are basically professional packers.  We’ve got it down to an art and we want to share our secrets with you.  The first secret: what totes we use.

So, we are going to go over our absolute faves with you now.  You’ll see one VERY important similarity, they are all very open bags for the ultimate packing experience.  We are never afraid to pack bags in bags.  If you ever see us in the airport, we usually have our totes stuffed with more bags.  Those extra bags are key: purses (packed easily!) with different items in them… clothes, toiletries, etc… Anyways, we’ve talked for too long about packing, so let’s begin. 

Firstly, we’ve got this Tory Burch Tote.  It’s the perfect size for a quick overnight trip or weekend trip.  In the car.  This is important.  We will use it as a carry on bag when traveling by plane but we will not put all our belongings in it as it doesn’t have a zipper to close it.  We were REAL close to losing our beloved electric toothbrush not that long ago.  Fast learners though; great weekend bag, just for car trips.


Secondly, we’ve got the Celine Phantom Tote.  Celine has the most beautiful and sturdy totes.  We can’t get enough.  This one is no acceptation.  Again, no zipper so under your seat on the airplane or in the CAR!  It just perfectly fits two outfits, one pair of shoes (in their shoe bag, of course), and a small toiletries bag.  That’s all you need when you’re on a weekend trip anyways.


Thirdly, we love to support our local Canadian brands.  Herschel is no stranger to our love and admiration!  Their backpacks are amazing and their duffels are our fave!!  They are perfect for packing just enough (and always more) stuff for a weakened getaway!  They come in every colour and pattern combination you could imagine and we just love that we can match our men with our bags!!


Lastly, where would we be without a little camo in our lives?  We love Prada’s take on the camo bag and love how much can fit in it when we pack our clothes flat or roll them up.  Pack flat or roll…always a conundrum!  We digress.  The Prada camo tote is perfect for anywhere you’re going and any way you’re getting there!!  


 Happy weekend travels! Let us know what totes your rocking.



Michelle & Samantha 

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