Obsessions: The Purse; a girl’s second best friend

Every wonder why you should choose to invest in a good purse?!  Well, we are here and ready to tell you why.  WARNING: we are not responsible for any relationship feud due to the purchase of a new purse if you totally agree with our opinion.  We suspect you will.  Your other half, however, may not.  We are lucky that our other halves don’t read this so we have free range over whatever we say.

One – you are literally using a purse more often than you do anything else.  Did you spend good money on your bed?!  Well of course, you use it every night to sleep in.  Guess what, sleeping in your bed is one of a few times that you’re not using your purse.  See our point?!  ALL DAY EVERY DAY LADIES.

Two – cheap purses break. It’s that simple.  Depending on how much you are spending on purses, it may take you a while to actually justify this $2,000 purse vs. that $200 one but honestly it’s lasting you a lifetime… and your kids…. and their kids.

Three – It’s surprisingly a good investment.  Especially if you’re going for the classics like a Chanel.  Provided you take good care of it, your bags are only increasing in value.  We are big fans of smart investments… and ones you can use :).

So, first up red Hermes. Casual, weekend wear  type purse.  We love love love this for running errands or heading out to a summer BBQ.  Dress it up, dress down, do whatever you need to do.  We’ve done this with a cute dress and heels, or some ripped jeans and a tank. Whatever suits your fancy.

Secondly, classic, tried, and true our beloved jumbo Chanel flap bag in a perfectly light colour for the summer season.  We love this bag for so many reasons but a big one is that you can choose your size… Always tote a bunch of crap around with you, jumbo is it.  Only a medium amount of crap… okay medium flap it is, and so on.  Or maybe that’s another excuse to get one in every size…

Third, everyday perfection.  Thank you YSL for creating this sleek beauty.  We are head over heels for it and feel it’s a DEFINITE investment piece. It’s a total classic and something that will never ever go out of style.  Which should be something you consider when making this investment: classic is always the better choice and unless you’re planning to buy a handful of designer bags, we’d say, just go with the classics.

Fourth, who doesn’t love classic Celine.  These bags never leave our shoulder… ok they don’t leave our grip since they don’t actually go onto your shoulder.  But the way these bags hangs, obsessed.  We legitimately would get every single colour if we could…. We can’t so we’ve settle for the two-toned grey and blue pictured below.

What are your purse obsessions this spring?!


Michelle & Samantha

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