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Okay ladies (& gents), today we are obsessing over our favourite socks!  Now gents, we will acknowledge that rarely do we gear any posts towards you and this one is no different (ha, ha!).  This one however, is based on our envy of your sock drawers.  Men’s sock game is naturally way stronger than women and we find this unfair.  Why might this be? We’ve wondered on multiple occasions but there is better product for men and you really need to dig to find it for women. 

We’ve dug and we’ve come up with our favourites here.  Starting us out are these amazingly cozy cashmere socks. We know, not fun, not an exciting pattern, it still keeps men’s sock game higher than ours. BUT HAVE YOU FELT THEM?!?!?  Five thousand points on softness for us.  A perfect cozy socks to wear around on a chilly fall day. 

Next, J-Crew, your ladies sock game is something to be desired.  We thank you dearly from the bottom of our hearts for allowing fun exciting patterns into your stores.  In addition, your price point rocks our socks off (OMG we are funny… right???).  Seriously ladies, hit them up, their outlet stores even have a great little selection of fun patterned socks. 

So, we are thinking we can all agree that little booties are cute, in addition, so are espadrilles.  Okay, that really wasn’t a hard sell, we know.  The real question is, what sock to wear with them?  How annoying is it when your socks fall part way off and you’re trying to walk?! THE MOST ANNOYING is the correct answer, while shouting at the top of your lungs.  Solution time; these petite sockettes (not certain that’s a word, probably not, but we are 100% going with it) with a soft sticky rubber bit (wow, could we get more technical today) to prevent your socks from slipping.  Seriously ladies, these are game changers… and there’s toucans! 

Finally, Happy Socks.  Okay people, these are fit for the entire family!  Matching socks?!  YES.  We both try to match our families and get called total dorks for doing it.  However, in regards to socks, we still feel it’s super cute and way more subtle.  Happy Socks allow us to live our lives without too much judgement passed.  Okay, we might still be dorks but whatever; a family that matches together stays together… For sure that’s not a saying but today, we’re making it one!



We’ve given a great outline on what you can wear on your feet for function and style.  Gents, we also gave you some praise and understand that some of your most fun accessories are the ones that go on your feet whereas we have so so so many options to choose from… We’re still allowed to be a bit jealous, wouldn’t you say?


Michelle & Samantha 

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