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Wow…it’s cold in the mornings and evenings and all night and almost the whole time in between.  Winter is coming, ladies!!  As much as we all want to hunker down and throw on a ton of layers and your man’s sweats, we need to get out there and look good doing it!  Best way to keep warm on those chilly nights and frosty mornings?  Cute scarves!!  Let’s see what scarves we are obsessed with this week…

First, if you’re like us you’re likely wearing black on black.  Right now.  Literally.  You are, aren’t you?!  Best way to shake that up and stay warm?  This amazing infinity scarf by Plush that’s in a buffalo plaid pattern.  It’s warm, it wraps around or can hang long and it adds an incredible pop of colour and pattern to a plain black on black outfit!  Win – win!


Second, the classic.  A Burberry cashmere scarf.  It’s literally so timelsss and can go with anything because it was here before everything.  The soft cashmere makes you want to drape your whole body in it!  It’s incredibly beautiful and the light, feminine colour looks so good all Fall and Winter long.  It also let’s you delve into the winter whites if you’re daring!!


Third, checks.  We love the square/rectangular pattern that scarves can bring to the table.  Since you all have a general understanding of our love for monochromatic outfits, these checked scarves really help bring a new depth to our wardrobe.  That depth is usually colour. SAY WHAT??!?!  This one is great, we also love supporting local and LOVE our Jackson Rowe checked scarves which can be found here.

Finally, a classic grey.  We never stray far from our comfort zone but when we’ve got a grey so good like this why would we?!?! This beautiful piece pairs with everything this fall and always keeps us toasty warm.  The width of the scarf gives us that warm bundled look that we can help but need this fall! 

Happy Scarfing!


Michelle & Samantha 


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