Obsessions – Office Chic – September 1.0

With September upon us, our A type personalities kick into high gear.  We can’t help it!  Our obsession this week?  Office chic of course!  We are obsessed with petite items that make our desk and work space less cluttered and more fabulous!  Just simple changes and additions can make sure a big difference to our spaces and make work a happier place to spend some time!

First, if there’s anything you ever needed to know about us, it’s our green thumbs.  Or lack of.  We over love, under love and just literally cannot keep anything alive.  It is embarrassing, but over the years we’ve embraced it and know what to do about it.  At home, we focus on orchids.  They are harder to kill and usually last us a few months a time.  Not an unreasonable way to solve the problem.  At work though, it’s harder.  The flowers are always dying or petals are falling…it’s a disaster.  This week we are obsessed with CB2’s solution to our workplace issues!  We are loving their potted succulents and for $10 our desk spaces are cute as can be!

Second, we have become obsessed with Voluspas line of slender candles.  They are petite, don’t take up a lot of space, smell amazing and the little candle holders are silver and awesome looking!  Check out their slenders to spice up your workspace!

Third, we spend so much time at the office that we cannot forget about what keeps us going: our families and friends.  As they are so important to us, we like to make sure we’ve got some great frames to showcase them in! Like this one from Anthropologie.  It’s perfectly subtle yet still manages to add a pop of life without being too obnoxious or over bearing. 

Finally, we are both insanely neurotic regarding our pens and pencils.  They must write absolutely perfectly or else, what is the point?!  I know were not alone on this one.  This is also why, since we spend so much on our writing tools, we must showcase them in this beautiful Kate Spade pencil holder.  She’s also got the stapler, tape dispenser, and stationary holder (all are a mega must!). 


Happy office decorating!


Michelle & Samantha 

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