Obsessions – Kitchen Goods – September 4.0

We LOVE to cook!  We LOVE spending time in the kitchen and we are obsessed with anything that makes that time more efficient.  LOL…odd that we love things that make life efficient.  We joke.  We are constantly trying new recipes and having fun cooking so this week we’re obsessed with anything that makes life in the kitchen more fun so that there is more time for more wine!!  Let’s see what we’re obsessed with this week…

First up, our issues efficiencies around baking.  Who hates rolling out any sort of dough raise your hands???  Yeah, we are in this boat too.  Hate it!  Especially when dealing with some finicky gluten free dough.  Our solution, has been marble rolling pins.  You spend less time removing the dough from your wooden rolling pins and more time well… rolling it out!  It does make this task easier, the dough stick to your pin less, and clean up with the marble is a breeze.  Roll it out, friends, roll it out!

Next, comes our obsession with mini’s and pre portioned sizes (ok that wasn’t meant to sound like we are portioning out our meals because the items we are about to discuss provide generous sizes.  We eat, all day every day, don’t worry about that).  This saves you time when dishing out dinner, it also saves you time on dishes… Kind of, it’s mostly that the dishes can already be done as dinner is now cooking in what will double as your serving dishes (cue A-type personality now).  These Le Creuset Petite Casserole dishes allow for anything to be put into them and they are so cute to serve to your guests.  We usually go for mac and cheese, shakshuka, or a mini dessert like a crumble! 

Third, mini tongs.  Seriously.  They are tongs but mini.  They are so perfect for using in a smaller frying pan or when you’re cooking with more individual items, such as sautéed beans or asparagus.  They are more accurate than fumbling around with the big guys and, honestly, they are just freaking cute!  They also fit in the drawer better and make kitchen drawer life a more organized life!  You’ll be able to find them anywhere and in a great selection of colours!

Finally, we love cooking with herbs and know how essential they are for taste in cooking, but do you struggle with herbs?  Like spending so much time painfully removing that crucial bit of rosemary from that stick it grows on?  We can’t tell you the amount of hours and bottles of wine it has taken us to deal with oregano, rosemary, thyme or whatever else we’re feeling that day.  We are obsessed with this herb stripper.  It does ALL the work for you.  More time for wine!  Yahoo!  It removes all the herb leaves from the stems and makes life so much easier!!  

Happy cooking in your kitchen, loves!

Le Creuset


Michelle & Samantha 

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