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Neither of our homes have a proper set of coffee mugs (or tea mugs!).  We are still adults despite popular belief.  But seriously, there are too many amazingly entertaining and/or charmingly cute mugs out there to just stick to one set. We actually want to stop wasting time debating this and just jump right in so you can see what were trying to say.

First up, we’ve got the coveted letter tea mug from Anthropologie.  They’ve got two great selling features. First, they come at a great price and second, everyone knows not to touch YOUR mug.  It’s basically the next best thing to having your name thrown all over it.  They are also perfectly girly and dainty and we won’t stop loving them. We even have one at the office… back off, #mymug. 

Secondly, this mug is a great way to start your day.  With a compliment! Really, what a win we’ve got there!!! Good Morning Beautiful!? Good Morning Handsome?! Well hello to you too you giant coffee mug filled with our daily dose of energy.  For our local Canadian followers, we usually buy the ones at Chapters! $10. Worth it.

Third… this one speaks to us… especially if you catch us with coffee mugs in the afternoon… There’s a chance this is wine?! What?! How did you know?!?! Well, we suppose this mug makes it socially acceptable???? Probably not but we will pretend for now.

Finally, a classically girly pattern to sip our delightful morning coffees out of.  We don’t get overly girly at the best of times, so we let our mugs handle it for us.  Stripes and hearts.  Okay, we’ve caved!!!

Happy coffee drinking!  We want to see what your favourite coffee mugs are!



Michelle & Samantha 

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