Obsessions – Bracelets – September 3.0

Our obsession this week is all about bracelets!  They are the perfect acoutrement to an outfit to edge it up, dazzle it up or dress it up.  We love a good selection in both gold and silver!!  Bracelets let you make an outfit more playful or more serious.  They also let you wear black on black (our fave!!) and add colour that way!  Let’s look at which bracelets we are obsessing over this week…

First is a black leather double wrap bracelet by Alexander McQueen.  It adds an edge to your style and has the brand’s signature skull with two crystals for eyes.  We torally would rock this with leather pants and amazing boots or with blue jeans and a white t-shirt with red lips!

Second is a great bracelet in gold with paved diamonds on it.  It’s an Eddie Borgo pyramid style bracelet.  They actually come in two sizes and we are obsessed over the big pyramids! This is the perfect bracelet to dress up a casual outfit or add a bit of flare to a monotone one!

Now we switch to two silver bracelets that we’re obsessed with!  Again, we revert back to our BFF Alexander McQueen. This silver cuff with signature skulls and a blue tone background is soooooo perfect with boyfriend jeans and a great tshirt or with a caramel coloured sweater and jeans.  We love how it stands out with everything it is paired with!

Last is the piece de resistance.  What girl doesn’t love diamonds and what wrist doesn’t need a tennis bracelet?!  This one is perfect for your go-to, every day work wrist or for your fancy dress wrist.  It is classic, timeless and can’t ever be considered too much!  We are officially obsessed…


Happy bracelet shopping!


Samantha and Michelle

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