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So, we’re on vacay.  In Maui.  But you know that because we’ve been shamelessly flaunting it since we arrived in Paradise!  Sorry  So, now that we’re here and trying to imagine what to obsess over, it seems only natural that it’s beach vacation shoes!  As you know, we are total carry-on luggage packers.  The hardest part (besides pairing down that makeup bag and deciding which purses to bring and everything else!) is which shoes to pack!  The fewer shoes we have to pack the better because it just leaves more room for cute outfits!!  That’s why this week we are here in Maui totally obsessing over beach shoes that you can wear to the pool or sand as well as hit a happy hour up with and go for lunch in.  Let’s see which ones we’re obsessing over this week…

First, these Giuseppe Zanotti flip flops are next level!!  They are flat with a rubber sole so they are perfect for hitting the pool and the sand and can be rinsed off easily because you know where we want to take these puppies – HAPPY HOUR!  Yes!!  They are so cute with a black sundress or cuffed dress shorts and that ridiculously great tank top we all have in our wardrobes!  We are so in love with the gold chain detailing and the crystal stone at the top middle.  They are so versatile – exactly what we love in our beach shoes!


Second, the ever-elusive Chanel espadrille.  We are beyond in love with these for beach vacation shoes.  They are comfy for strolling (we didn’t say jogging) and they are great for an afternoon of exploring (we didn’t say hiking either).  We love these with our black ankle length sundress that has a side slit and we adore them with our linen shorts and tucked in top.  They scream vacay and every time we look at them we smile, almost as if we were sitting in the sunshine having a cocktail.  Oh wait, we are…  

Third, we can never get enough burberry.  It still holds true when were talking about flip flops.  There’s only so much pizazz you can add to black flip-flops, but with these the magic happens when you take your feet out of your shoes to hit the sand with the cute Burberry pattern.  

Finally, and you’ll see a style theme with our vacation shoes, these pineapple embroidered espadrilles.  They are the perfect kicking it shoe from sandy beach to shopping in Wailea.  We get so many compliments on them whenever we are anywhere tropical, they are so so fitting.  They also have a flamingo set… just saying!

What are your vacation shoes that come with you all the time?


Michelle & Samantha 

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