Obsessions – August 1.0 – Sun Hats

This week is all about sun hats!  We love our fun in the sun and we love tanned and glowing skin.  We also are very careful about shading our face and keeping our skin fresh.  In the summer, sun protection is key for us however, we like to look really good while keeping our skin clear of those damaging rays. The easiest part of your body to forget is arguably one of the most sensitive, the scalp, which is why were showing you some of our favourite sun hats.  These are the hats that we are obsessing over this week…

First, this Eugenia Kim hat has us obsessing over wanting to take a selfie!!  Are you kidding??  WISH YOU WERE HERE… in blue sequins on a sun hat – yes please!!  We love the wide brim to keep us shaded not only on our face, but our shoulders too.  We love this hat!

Second, a black floppy brimmed hat lets us wear it on the beach, to the horse race tracks, or into the evening.  We love how unstructured the hat is for a change and are obsessed that it’s black.  This hat gets some great attention.  We are thinking #hatgameonpoint is a perfect hashtag for this hat.  And really, come on, you can’t be surprised that something black has peaked our interest!  For those of you near an Aritzia, there’s one similar in store there!

Third, we are loving our little brimmed tanned hat for everyday errands in the city.  This sun hat provides perfect coverage when a wide brimmed hat might be too much.  Say at the grocery or liquor store…  Pair with a white tee and a cute pair of jean shorts… Are you seeing what we’re seeing?  A super cute outfit!?

Finally, we’ve got this amazing white sun hat.  It looks so clean and crisp.  Can anyone say, boating day?! Nothing can top this nautical sun hat while enjoying an afternoon sailing with friends.  We must say, having a hat for each specific occasion is something we strive for!


Happy Sun Hat / Safety shopping!


Michelle & Samantha 

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