Obsession: Workout Pants

Okay guys, who is still working out now that January is LONG gone?!  How did those resolutions go, huh?  We’re not here to harp, or poke fun at them, but as you read, you know that we are big advocates for resolutions you will keep.  If you’re not a gym rat, don’t pretend you will be.  Find a class you love, there are so many options that something must speak to you.  Maybe yoga? pilates? spin?  Honestly, there are so many variations.  Another great motivating factor for us is our workout pants.

We will dive right into it but first, we must preface with the fact that we are into some pretty trendy pants, but they are also not as wild as some will go.  Neither of us are ready to tackle the bright AND busy pants.  But, we’ve still got some great options for you.

First up, these black (shocking), Alo leggings.  Okay, but they may be all entirely black, but they are still BOLD.  Come on, check out those amazing mesh inserts all the way down the pant past the thighs.  Whoever said black couldn’t be bold didn’t have an imagination.  Thank you Alo.

Second, are these wild and fun black and (cue another shade) white leggings.  The pattern is a step out of our comfort zone but the colours remain right on in there.  Comfortable and fun.  We swear they make you a faster runner too.  Probably stronger as well!

Next, we have to tell you how obsessed we are with leaving the gym.  Yup, you know it.  You sweat it out, you think about what to have for dinner the whole time you’re working out, you freshen up and then you get to leave!!  The best part about leaving (besides the pain being over?) is the pants you get to wear while leaving!  Nike’s compression pants are amazing – they keep the blood flowing after you’re done your workout.  A total must have!

Last, we just love ourselves some Lululemon.  Right now we’re obsessing over their high rise wonder under pant.  It sits higher, but you can totally roll them down if you want – it’s nice to have the option!  We love how tight and thick they are, keeping everything just in the right place.  You know.  No jiggles here!!

Samantha and Michelle

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