Watches…  Who doesn’t love a great watch to wear.  Yes, we live in an age and culture that just checks our phones when we need to know what time it is, but there’s something so classy and timeless (yes, we went there) about a great watch.  This week we are obsessing over all sorts of watches!  Let’s break them down in order of fun and affordable to classic and expensive an investment!  A couple by Michael Kors and a couple by Rolex…

This Michael Kors one is great!  The watch has gold and silver which makes it incredibly versatile for pairing with outfits and jewelry.  We can pair it well with both silver and gold accessories.  It is large on your wrist, but smaller than it would be if it was a man’s watch.  We love the chunky feel!  This watch is light on your wrist too so it doesn’t get weighed down at the end of the day.  It looks really good with rolled up cuffs on a dress shirt!

Second, is a black strapped, copper faced Michael Kors watch.  It is slightly smaller than the one shown above, but we love the colour of the face!  It looks soooo good with all your rose gold jewelry pieces.  We love this watch for the sportier band and it looks so cute paired with a black business outfit or just your go to Lululemons!

Third, is the quinessential watch.  The women’s Rolex datejust with oyster face.  It is one of the most classic watches out there and literally doesn’t go out of style.  It looks so feminine on the wrist.  We sit and obsess over this one all the time!  Like, maybe even an unhealthy amount of time!  This is the best watch for a woman in business or who just likes the classic pieces.

Fourth, we have the watch of all watches that we are obsessed over.  We mean, who doesn’t love diamonds in general, let alone around the face of your gold watch!  This Rolex is the same size as the one shown above but has a diamond bezel and diamonds for each hour marker.  


Watch for these obsessions in our Instagram and see how we’re wearing them!  Happy obsessions!


Samantha and Michelle

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