Obsession: Toques

Well, winter is in full force!  It feels like it has been for a little while now, but now that we’re past the mid point of January, there’s no turning back!  Does your head feel a little naked?  Or maybe it feels a little freaking freezing cold?! Does it need a little love?  Ours does… it’s so cold it’s ready to fall off!  But, this week we’ve got you covered (ha, ha!) as we are obsessing over toques!   Let’s see which toques we’re hot on the trail for!

First, Canada Goose.  Such an iconic and classic winter brand.  This one is black (shocking, we picked a black toque!!).  It has the most adorable pom pom on the top.  That’s why we love it so much!  The knit with the pom pom made our hearts flutter ever so slightly and made us totally obsessed with this head warmer!

Second, we have the classic and cute toque that you can wear to work or with a dress outfit at night.  It has an adorable black bow and really goes with anything!  We love this one and how warm it keeps our thinking machines!

Third, we’ve got this seemingly plain toque that has a mega party on top.  We all know we like to party!  Anyways, this bad boy is waffle textured, black, and has a fur pom pom.  Um, hello, we love little fur pom poms.  Seriously, don’t you think it’s so cute?!  We cannot get enough… obviously, it’s an obsession this week!

Fourth, and we are adding this one because we are total summer snobs and hate spending money on winter… unless it’s a new jacket… is this amazingly cute and even more amazingly inexpensive Joe Fresh toque.  Guys, under $10!!!! Whose winning, we are and so is Joe Fresh.  A perfectly light grey and a little itty bitty bit of pink. UGH absolutely winning.

How are you toque – ing it up this year?! Is your head as toasty as ours?!


Michelle & Samantha

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