Obsessions – August 4.0 – Champagne

Champagne, now that’s our jam.  Can you tell by the title of our blog?! We adore it on a hot and sunny afternoon at the beach just as much as we crave it snuggled on the couch with our truffle flavoured popcorn (life changing – try it!!).  So, besides the consumption of champagne itself, this week we are obsessing over what to accessories that crisp, dry bottle with!

First, glasses.  Flutes with stems are traditional, old school and very classic.  We have been obsessed lately with these stemless flutes from CB2.  They are chic, modern and give a new twist to our favourite bevie!  We love the sleep and cylindrical shape and love how much fun these are on the deck in the sunshine!  The cylindrical shape also helps prevent accidents form happening as easily.  A mega plus in our households.

If you’re feeling like a bit of a traditionalist here, we’ve also got our favourite stemmed glasses.  These ones are break resistant.  We of all people understand those clumsy moments in life and sometimes you need a little extra reassurance that you won’t be shattering glass absolutely everywhere (it’s been done a time or two) #oops!  Break resistant and sleek; we can get on board with that.

Third, how to keep that precious bottle chilled!  So key!!  No one dislikes warm bubbly more than us, so we are obsessed with keeping ours cool in this handcrafted gold chiller at Neiman Marcus.  It’s as classic as the Veuve we drink and as fun as that Pierre Jouet bottle to look at!  Keep that sparkling cool!!

Finally, we’ve got something you burn while drinking your champagne (and eating the popcorn mentioned above).  Jonothan Adler makes some of our absolute favourite candles.  Earl Grey is killer but right now we are coveting over his Champagne Pop scent. Champagne on champagne on champagne.  YUP we’d call that winning all day long!


POP those bottles of champagne ladies but don’t forget, there’s nothing wrong with accessorizing your bottles.


Michelle & Samantha

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