Obsession: Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes anyone?  Anyone?  Yes please!!  Are you kidding??  We’ll do ANYTHING to rock tennis shoes all day and every day.  If we could trade our Louboutins for Adidas, you know we would.  Then again, maybe not.  We take it back. We love our Loubi’s too, but our tennis shoes are just so comfy!!!  Let’s see which ones we’re obsessing over this week!

First, we’ve got these awesome YSL tennis shoes.  They are similar to our fave Stan Smiths but at least this way, we are making ourselves a little bit more unique than the crowd.  Comfort is key and these bad boys are soooooo comfy.  Paired with leather leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses, honestly how many more outfits could you wear these with?

Second, APL’s.  Do we need to say anything else?!  Again, a step outside from everyone’s favourite Nikes (we still wear and love our Nikes, obvi), but these are just slightly different.  And maybe a teensy bit more comfortable… but don’t tell anyone!

Third, we are obsessed to the point we don’t even know where to start.  Converse?  Check.  Black?  Check.  Fur?  Check.  Velcro??  Check.  We love these Chuck Taylor’s.  We love even more that we don’t to fiddle with laces when velcro will do!  Our fave look are these Converse with moto pants and a black top.  So bad ass and so casual and so comfy!

Fourth, you knew we would get here…  Adidas Stan Smiths.  These basic white ones with a black back are amazing.  They really are perfect all year round and are so causal but look so cute with dresses and leather leggings.  They really make your street style appear kickass!

What tennis shoes are you obsessing over?


Samantha and Michelle

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