Obsession: Sweaters for Spring

Here we are edging towards the end of April and we are in sweater mode.  The rain, the grey, the clouds…stop!  PLEASE mother nature, bring us some sunshine and heat!!  So, we make lemonade from lemons and shop for spring sweaters!  This week we are totally obsessed with sweaters.  Some that make us happy and some that make us dream.  Seriously.  See what we’re obsessed with this week to make sense of it all!

First, we are obsessed with this Free People sweater!!  It’s so easy to toss on over what you are wearing because it’s light weight, the sleeves make cute cuffs if you want AND the back has a zipper that opens!  No kidding.  It opens to create a little v-slit or all the way to bring some sexy back into spring!  It’s amazing in this cream and even more beautiful in our forever seasonal favourite, dusty pink.  The dusty pink just pops and makes you smile on those rainy Spring days!

Second, this Aviator Nation hoodie is the one that makes us dream.  It’s based in Venice, California and this hoodie just screams surfer girl to us!  It’s handmade and hand stitched in LA and is so incredibly soft.  It looks cute with ripped jeans and runners or with a cute spring dress that needs an extra layer.  It’s got to be one of our biggest obsessions!

Third, we are obsessed with cutouts.  You know how we love to layer, well cutouts provides us with similar options… you’re not quite sure what this weather is doing? No problem – this sweater + shoulder cut outs = warm/cool.  Problem solving 101.  Stylish and and effective.

Finally, we love the low cut back sweaters.  There are so many great options out there but this one embodies our favourite pink colour plus some beautiful back detailing that we cannot get enough of.  Oh by the way, it is also equally as functional as the lace cut outs would be… cooling and warmth all in one.  Perfect for spring!

What sweaters are you rocking this spring?!


Michelle & Samantha


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