Obsession: Staying 2017 Organized

Here we are with 2017 fast approaching.  Are you running towards that milestone or are you buried under the covers dreading it?  Either way, it’s happening.  Seriously.  It’s coming whether we embrace it or not, so let’s see how we can start it organized and fresh.  Nothing kick starts a New Year like a new you.  This week we’re obsessed with how to start 2017 organized!!

First, a calendar.  Wow…groundbreaking, eh?  But seriously, this is the perfect size and the perfect shape for a desk and work environment.  Some like notebook calendars, others hang on the walls and for some, it’s just the one on the trusty iPhone.  Whatever your way of calendar’ing is, we’re obsessed and would love to know!

Second, we are loving how Louis Vuitton is making 2017 a little more organized for us!  We love they way we can keep our notebook, pen, iPad and essentials in one handy spot and all tucked in.  Herschel has a great selection too!  Whatever your way of keeping your things tidy, together and accessible is this is a great looking way to do it!

Third, and don’t judge us for going so old school on this, an agenda.  Okay, the concept in theory is best for children in school BUT come on people, it’s essentially a calendar and a task list all in one.  Why wouldn’t you want one of these bad boys?!

Finally, whether you’re working from home or at an office, you must have a pen/pencil holder! It saves time hunting for a pen.  Like ample time. It’s also a great place to store scissors, highlighters, sharpies etc.  Trust us, this will help organize your home/office life.

How are you keeping organized as 2017 kicks in?


Samantha and Michelle

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