Obsession: Spring Shoes

Well, well, well here we are 100% head over heels (ha ha, we’re PUNNY), for spring shoes.  This time however, we are all over it whether it be flats or heels.  We are thinking we should just go for it and jump right in and get to the point before we confuse the situation and go back to heels as we typically do. SO here we go…

First up, can you tell lately how OBSESSED we are with pineapples and flamingos?! They are so freaking cool, seriously.  How much fun can one person have with these patterns?!  The answer is: endless.  What makes it even more fun is when high end designers like Aquazurra embrace these amazing patterns.  Pineapples, on our feet?!  Just try and stop us!

Second, spring is an odd season and therefore, spring shoes can be tricky.  Are you hot?  Are you cold?  No one really knows what the temperature will do outside so we just go with the flow and hope for the best.  Well, these perforated shoes are the best and really let you embrace that varied weather.  The ones pictured at the bottom of this post are slightly different than these, but we will share our secret: Zara, $35, Zara.  Go, RUN!  We also do love these Manolos – insert heart emoji here.  Anyways, we can and will embrace the airiness in our feet.  NOT to be worn in the rain.  Experienced and failed.

Third, we are all over yellow for Spring and these yellow Louboutin heels are no exception!  What a great way to dress up your ripped jeans and white t-shirt combo or your black ankle length trousers!  These are so perfect and any yellowis sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of days… enter Spring in Vancouver!

Fourth, is this amazing lace-up, open-toe bootie.  We can’t even tell you how obsessed we are with this one for Spring!!  It’s so cute with shorts and skirts and dresses, oh my!  No shortage of things to wear these with and legs to perfect into sexiness with!  Loving these!!

What shoes are you rocking this spring?!


Michelle & Samantha


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