Obsession: Spring Home Decor

None of you should judge us, but we are very into the tropics for this weeks spring home decor obsession.  It probably has a ton to do with the small fact that our winter has been completely horrible and we have been lusting over the sunshine of the tropics.  So we are bringing those tropics into our homes??  Yup – justified right there.  We will do our best to give a bit of variety but just know, you should get on board with flamingos and pineapples otherwise we might have to put this friendship on a time out.

We don’t want that.

You don’t want that.

So embrace us for all we are!  This includes what we’re sharing today.

First spring home decor obsession, this white and gold pineapple candle from West Elm.  Do we burn the candle?!  Of course not.  We just use the pineapple for what it is.  A beautiful addition to any home.  Really, who doesn’t love white and gold?!  See friends, we’re not talking tacky tropics.  It’s all class around these parts!

Secondly, these plates! H&M home, you win.  We don’t know what it is you’re winning, maybe it’s just life in general but you’re doing very, very well.  Flamingos, white, and gold, on plates?!  You see a theme here, right.  White and gold?!  Again, not tacky.  More cutesy.  Personally, we would eat dessert from these plates all day long!

Third, how are you supposed to get a running jump into summer without something to mix your drinks in??  Yah, we have you covered.  This pitcher with gold flamingos on it does the trick!  It’s so cute with your favourite punch or mixed beverage in it and we just can’t get enough of the gold accent!


Fourth, we steer away from drinks…we know how it sounds!  We are obsessed with voluspa’s PINK candles!!  They are gorgeous and add a bit of flare and colour to any room – not to mention they smell amazing!!  We are loving the persimmon & copal!!


What are your latest spring home decor obsessions? Are you on the tropical train like we are?!


Michelle & Samantha

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