Obsession: Perfume

Perfumes are incredibly personal…we get that. We love that about them. You can test our a variety from one brand and only fall for one and your friend can do the same and pick something totally different. That’s the beauty of perfume! That being said, what are we into? Let’s take a look at what perfumes we’re obsessing over this week…

First, we love this Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.  It’s perfect for on the go and when you’re out and need a little touch up.  It fits perfectly into a purse or clutch or jacket pocket even!  We are obsessed with the scent and the easy of carrying it around!

Second, Armani.  You’ve done it again.  We have to admit that we have been obsessed over Armani’s Acqua di Gioia for years.  Like too many years to count – let’s just call it decades.  It’s such a classic and honestly, we know that we said perfumes are very individual – we challenge you not to become obsessed with this perfume!!

Third, who doesn’t want to smell like fresh baking?! That’s what we though.  A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies coming right up.  Okay, just kidding, but this Pure Vanilla scent is something we die for.  Vanilla has got to be one of the most love scents in history and we are absolutely here to do it some justice… well the creator is here to do it some justice, we’re actually just here to give it some major props. OBSESSED.

Fourth, we’ve got Aerin.  We keep telling you, Aerin has got it on lockdown when it comes to beauty products.  She knows what she likes and she knows what we will like.  She is also very aware that pretty bottles equates to pretty scents.  Okay, not true, but we do give a lot of props to Aerin and her beautifully packaged perfumes… which also happen to be scented perfectly.

What’s your scent?!

Samantha and Michelle

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