Obsession: Mother’s Day Gifts

So on Sunday’s post we spilled our guts about how much work we had to do rose tasting for mom.  We are still beat from how much we had to do for her!  LOL.  We kid.  We loved every second of it.  This week, with Mother’s Day approaching, we are obsessed with what gifts to get for that special woman.  Do you ever shop for mom and then shop for yourself instead?  Or do you play that game where if you want it for yourself then she must want it to?  We do that ALL THE TIME!  We hope these ideas help you or at the very least inspire you!  Let’s see what we’re obsessed with for mother’s day gifts this week…

First, nail polish.  Seems somewhat uncreative or uneventful.  NOT SO OUR FRIENDS!  This one from Burberry is in the $20 range and is gorgeous!  By gorgeous we are talking about the colour and the bottle.  We roll like that.  This pairs so well with a mani for mom and the best present you can get her?  Just go with her and get yours done too!  See what we mean by some for me and some for you?!

Second, is for the mom that’s now a grandma.  MOM…it’s me, Michelle.  If you’re reading this just skip over because I actually got you this for Mother’s Day.  This is a test to see how up-to-date you are on all things CCL or do you just wait until Monday morning’s email??  TESTING mom!!  We digress…  This book is cute, add your own pictures, write your own comments…you get it.  Mom/grandma will love it!  Michelle will be able to confirm after the weekend!

Third, if your Mom’s are anything like our Mom’s then Chanel make-up or make-up brushes would be appropriate.  It’s nothing too crazy that you’re giving, like a Chanel purse, but you’re still giving them the luxury product they know and love.  We are totally obsessed with their make-up brushes but shopstyle needs to throw us a bone and put some brushes on there…. instead we are showing you some other products we do love.

Finally, if Mom is totally obsessed with PJ’s then well, get the woman some PJs!  We love them, she loves them, your wallet loves them.  Let’s do it!  We think this is an awesome idea, and how cute are these floral beauty’s.  Eye make included makes it 100% great.

We hope we were able to help with some mother’s day gifts for you!


Michelle & Samantha

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