Obsession: Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Happy December friends!  It’s here – do you dread it or embrace it?  Either way, the holiday season in happening!  Honestly, we ebb and flow with it and go up and down with our feelings about it but it’s coming anyways so we’re here to help you with some gift ideas!  This week we are focussing on a holiday gift guide for HIM.  Some hims are easy and some hims are hard and that’s ok!  We are going to get you through this!  So, let’s hold hands and cross this finish line together, shall we?  Here’s our holiday gift guide for him…

First, we are obsessed with this Fjall Raven jacket!  He will LOVE it.  It’s lightweight, has enough structure without feeling like a box and has a hood that tucks in.  We kind of wish it came in our size!  You can’t go wrong with a great jacket for your main man.  This one is definitely no exception!

Second, if you’re looking to spend a little less, we are obsessed with the Herschel toiletry bag for men.  It’s simple, durable and literally holds everything they need (and maybe some of our stuff when ours is too full!).  It’s easy to clean – such a man thing to need – and comes in camo so is rugged and masculine.  

For our third and fourth obsessions today, we’ve got some little stocking stuffer ideas.  Stockings are our favourite part of the holiday gift giving experience.  Mostly because you can find so many great trinkets and objects to give during this time.  So, first up, we’ve got a shoe shine kit.  Tell us, what gentleman doesn’t have their shoe shining objects spewed all over the house?!  Ours do… it’s a bit of a gong show.  So let’s organize our men and get them this everything you need kit.  Plus most of the men we know obsess over their shoes and would be dammed if they left the house with their shoes looking anything less than perfect. 

Okay, our fourth obsession is actually a two in one and are also part of the shoe shine kit (okay it’s a stretch but sort of?).  We’ve got a pair of happy socks (our faves – and again, what man doesn’t love new socks) and a bow tie and pocket square combo.  This is definitely for the modern man who likes to dress up once in a while and wear fun socks.  Even if they don’t like fun socks, we are certain they will want new ones!

Happy hunting and stay tuned for more holiday gift guide guidance (ha!).


Michelle & Samantha 



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