Obsession: Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Here’s our third holiday gift guide of things we’re obsessing over…if you need a little review, we’ve done for HIM and for siblings and kids.  Be sure to check them out for some holiday inspiration!  This week we’re focusing on our parents.  Ours are always saying “don’t get us anything”.  Yah, good idea.  Like we’re going to show up empty handed for the holidays.  Good thinking.  NOT.  So, what do you get for the people that don’t need anything and have everything?  Well, here’s our holiday gift guide for parents…

First, this Alexandra von Furstenberg tray is obsession worthy!  It lights up naturally and looks amazing as any decorative piece or serving tray.  It’s acrylic, light and easy to clean.  They come in a variety of colours (our fave is below) but if it’s too much for your parents, try the blue or grey.  They are a total show stopper and we totally recommend them!!

Second, you can never go wrong with parents and coffee related anything.  New cups, fancy beans or this Nespresso are all great ideas!  It’s small, sleek and so perfect for that coffee loving adult in your life.  You can get a bunch of pods for them and introduce them to the world that George Clooney helped make better for us.  Nespresso has nailed it making mornings and coffee entertaining so simple and easy.  Your parents will love it!

Third, we’ve got one thing for Mom and one thing for Dad.  Think about what they love and obsess over.  Our Moms love candles (but who doesn’t, they smell so good).  So we’ve got some candle options, if you scroll through below, you will see some of our favourites.  Then something considerate for Dad.  One of our Dads loves cigars and cannot get enough of them.  So perfect, one delicious smelly candle to balance the smell of the cigar.  All is fair… 

Fourth, we love giving our parents fun games that the entire family can play when they get together.  Mom and Dad can practice all they want without you giving them the competitive advantage, but the best part is that this gift keeps giving.  You’ll always have the whole family participating when you get together.  Teams of 2 and round robin style if there are more than four of you is our favourite. 

We hope this holiday gift guide has helped! 


Michelle & Samantha 

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