Obsession: Holiday Gift Guide for Kids and Siblings

Last week we covered the holiday gift guide for him and this week we’re covering the holiday gift guide for siblings and kids.  The highly debated sibling gift – how much do you spend, how do you know their taste, what if it’s for a couple, and so on and so on.  We’ve made it easy for you with our ideas below, check them out!

First, for that sibling that does or doesn’t have that well-stocked bar, this stud decanter from CB2 is perfect.  If you want to spend a bit more, add in a bottle of their favourite spirit or sone amazing glasses and bar accessories.  You can really take this as far as you want or don’t want to.  It’s a perfect price point for a sibling and if they don’t like it, just throw in the gift receipt and they can find something else there that they’ll like.  Hard to go wrong at CB2!

Second, we’ve got matching pjs.  Now, before you turn up your nose in disgust remember, IT’S THE HOLIDAYS!!! It’s not like you and your little sister are wearing matching outfits because your parents are telling you to.  You’re doing it because it’s really cute (parents should actually get in on this too), and so much fun!  It can definitely get expensive if you’re buying for the entire family but Old Navy usually prices their pjs quite well.  If you’re adamantly against this suggestion, then cookbooks and novels are another, less fun alternative. 

Kids are fun!  They are easier than siblings because they are usually just interested in the wrapping and the bow and less excited about what’s inside!  Easy to please…that’s how we like it!  Let’s take a look at what kid gifts we’re obsessing over this week…

First, it’s winter and what’s more winter than the cutest, tiniest, softest pair of UGG boots.  TINY!  Did we mention that?  They will definitely get used and abused and that’s the point of them – they are a great gift, easy to pack if you’re traveling and fun for the little feet that go in them!

Second, we’ve got these insanely cute onesies from Chapters/Indigo.  They retail for $10 and have the best sayings.  We actually cannot get enough of them.  If you’re not wanting to go to Chapters for these cute little things, theres more places that have them you just need to hunt… We will start you out by leading you to LA baby. Still relatively affordable.

We hope these holiday gift guide (s) are helping!


Michelle & Samantha 

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