Obsession: Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Gentlemen, this holiday gift guide is for you.  Timely, as well, we figured you would be the last ones buying Christmas gifts still.  Are we right?!  Well, hopefully we can help you out with some great ideas for her this holiday season.  Whether you go big or you scale it back around the holidays, we’ve got some great options that she will no doubt love.  Let’s dive right on into it shall we?!

First, Tiffany’s.  You literally can’t go wrong.  They have a wide range of price points and a great selection of casual, every day bracelets to classic diamond studs.  We’re loving this silver bangle that goes with anything and everything.  Jeans and tshirt, pencil skirt and collared shirt or even lulus and sweater!

Second, McQueen.  They have nailed it with silk scarves and they have double nailed it with skulls.  They have so many scarves in so many colours and patterns that you CANNOT go wrong.  Best part?  They are silk so they can be worn all year long.  They are perfect for a winter layer with a sweater and perfect for a summer addition to a tank top.

Third, we’ve got our favourite girl Aerin, a perfect addition to our holiday gift guide.  Aerin has developed some of the most amazing beauty products.  Their rose balm is our favourite for our cuticles, especially during the winter months.  To be honest, it is our favourite for everything.  Dry cuticles, dry lips, dry skin.  It is seriously a huge lifesaver.  The lip conditioner she has is fantastic as well.  Finally, her make-up bags are so beautiful and lady like that we would never store our products in anything else.

Fourth, we’ve got some more bling.  A beautiful crossing diamond ring.  Now gentlemen, us ladies will always take diamond everything so don’t let this suggestion limit you.  There’s earrings, there’s stackable rings, there’s tennis bracelets.  The diamond world is your oyster, use it well.

Happy Gift Hunting for your ladies, we hope this holiday gift guide helped!


Michelle & Samantha

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