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OMG 2017 is here.  How are you doing?  You ok?  We think we are but we are holding hands and crossing this bridge into a new year together!!  Thanks goodness we have each other!  Know what else we have?  Amazing gym accessories to get our butts in gear and in shape!  Yup, that’s right.  New year, new resolutions, yah yah but health and fitness, we need to look cute right?!  Let’s see what we’re obsessing over this week!

First, the BKR bottle.  Are you kidding??  We LOVE this water bottle.  Available in tons of colours we can’t even get over the new season of them with studs.  OMG.  If you know anything about us, we love studs and we love black and we love bad ass things.  BKR you have won our hearts over with this one!!  We are totally obsessed, thank you!!

Second, Beats.  Yup, you know it.  They are so obsession worthy and make the ultimate gym accessory.  They are bluetooth so you don’t have that pesky cord dangling all over and touching you.  UGH.  Worst.  Things touching our sweaty bodies at the gym?  No thanks.  Beats has really stepped it up with these wireless headphones and we are totally obsessed!

Third, you know how we feel about sharing, right?  If you don’t it goes something like, if we don’t know you we don’t want to share with you.  The best part of this is how certain we are about this especially when it comes to sharing sweat.  GROSS right?!  There are very very very few places we trust when it comes to utilizing their towels.  That nasty remnance of someone else’s sweat can linger too long if the towels haven’t been washed properly.  Alas, we just solve our own problems and bring our own workout towels when we go to the gym.  Everyone with us on this one?! Did we just ruin gym towels?! We not even sorry.

Finally, we’ve got yet another water bottle.  Okay you think we’re totally water bottle obsessed don’t you?!  Well, you busted us! It’s true we are.  But let us ask you this… would you rather be overly hydrated or dehydrated?!  Yes, dumb question, yes our point was still proven.  So, no complaints on that front are there?!  We love the quartz s’well bottles.  The textures are so cool and maybe just a little more unique?! Probably not, but if you are looking for that unique-ness, we would recommend a different cap colour.  What water bottle company thinks of it all?! Just s’well, the gym accessories maniacs.

What are your favourite gym accessories?


Samantha and Michelle

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