Obsession: For the Lips

Ok ladies, this week is all about the lips!  We love glosses, lipsticks, different colours and different textures.  We are constantly cruising through Sephora for something new and amazing and loving every second of it!  Not sure about you, but we pick up a purse and usually find a lipstick in there and it’s like Christmas all over again!!  Let’s see what lip products we’re obsessing over this week…

First up, we’ve got our Aerin rose lip conditioner.  Ladies, if you haven’t ventured into Aerin’s beauty line yet, we really think you need to consider heading in that direction.  Some valuable information, Aerin is Estee Lauder’s granddaughter and she, like her grandmother, has beauty products perfected.

Next, we’ve got Kat Von D.  She really nailed the whole lip product thing.  Her everlasting liquid lipstick is something to be sought after.  It dries perfectly matte.  It doesn’t come off while you’re sipping on that glass of wine.  But it does come off when you want it too.  Kat Von D, we are ever in your debt.  Thanks for making this.

Third, we start basic. Like at scratch. Just some plain lip gloss from MAC. Of all the lipglosses out there, this is by far our fave. It’s smooth, light and not sticky at all. It gives a shine that in a pinch can be used instead of colour. Best part? When you do wear colored lipstick and it fades a bit (you know, after eating and cheers’ing) you can throw on this clear gloss and it brings a beautiful shine back to your original colour!

Fourth, want a little plump without it feeling like your lips are en fuego? Buxom has nailed it and we’re totally obsessed with their Full-On Lip Cream. It’s so smooth – again NOT sticky – a big no no for us. What do we mean by this? It means our hair doesn’t stick to our lips and our men aren’t afraid to kiss us! Try this line by Buxom! It works well on it’s own or even with a matte lip colour based underneath.

Samantha and Michelle

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