Obsession: Cuffs (not handcuffs, hehe)

Oh!  The other kind of cuffs!  We get it and we’re totally obsessed with it!!  We love jewelry and accessories, but you already know that by now!  We love small and dainty bracelets, but we are obsessed with large cuff bracelets!  When you have a tshirt and jeans to accessorize – cuff.  When you have a plain black dress to accessorize – cuff.  When in doubt – cuff.  Let’s see which ones we’re obsessing over this week…

First, McQueen.  Why when it comes to bracelets (or any jewelry) do we also run to McQueen?  Because it’s just so on point.  Always.  This skull enamel cuff is no exception.  The red and white let it read as more casual which is really fun with a cuff.  Paired with blue jeans and your fave white tshirt – this is a perfect thing to obsess over!

Second, Tiffany & Co.  Yah, always Tiffany & Co.  This silver cuff is from their classic line and really goes well with any outfit you’re wearing – from something dressy to something downright errand worth casual.  This cuff will read however you want it to with your outfit, that’s why we’re obsessed with it!

Third, we’ve got a slightly daintier version of the cuff with this “Bianca” cuff.  We love the way the opening is meant to be exposed and the beautifully gentle details it adds. Dainty perfection.

Fourth, we’ve got this gorgeous yet totally bad ass cuff.  Similar to above, the details are in the opening which is meant to be exposed.  Bad ass SKULLS ready to take on the day.  This one, like the one above, lets you stack away to your hearts content!


Samantha and Michelle

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