Obsession: Cocktail Accessories

Everyone knows we cannot get enough of testing, trying and creating new cocktails and recipes.  Now that one of us is all ready to go with her cocktail game again, we figured we should share some of our favourite cocktail accessories for crafting some fun drinks.  Basically, we should just jump right into it, shouldn’t we?!

First up, we are grand supporters of glassware for everything.  Copper mugs for moscow mules, obviously.  So, why would our mint juleps be any different?!  Exactly, they shouldn’t.  So here we’ve got these super cute mint julep glasses that we honestly make almost anything in on a warm day (days we are so looking forward to).

Next, we’ve got these sphere ice moulds.  Necessary if there are any scotch drinkers in your life.  Also necessary if you are making a scotch based cocktail that you don’t want watered down.  Trust us, they cool down your drink like it’s their job but you don’t get all the watered down silliness.

Third, since we love to accessorize with gold, our drinks should follow suit!!  We love these gold stir sticks that keep our drinks looking dazzling and trendy!  Basically we like to put them in every cup with every beverage!!  The gold really does match well with a perfect glass of bubbles though!

Fourth, the best way to keep track of who’s drink is who’s?  These wine pens!!  You can mark your drink with your name and you’ll never have to worry that it got mixed up or that you’re going to accidentally slam some tequila when you expect vodka!  Been there…done that…!  They wipe off easily and we love how creative you can get with the names!

What’s accessorizing your drink?!


Samantha and Michelle

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