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Candles!  We are obsessed with candles!  Anything that we can cozy up with, curl up in a blanket next to and drink wine beside we are totally in.  So, besides a little puppy, candles are our best friend!  We love how they light up a room and how they make a space smell divine!  Let’s see what candles we are obsessing over currently…

First, have you smelled this Voluspa candle??  It’s goji, tarocco and orange and it is a mini slice of heaven!  It comes in a beautifully decorated glass jar in such a vibrant red!  It is a perfect gift or addition to any room to add a pop of colour and a phenomenal scent!  Oh, let’s not to forget to mention that the red jar becomes a cute vase when you’re done!

Second, this iridescent jar candle from Anthropology is amazing!  The iridescent jar is gorgeous and looks good in any room.  It looks perfect in our bathroom!!  We love the copper top since we are pretty much obsessed with copper anything these days.  Check that, metallic anything, but copper is included!  This candle smells amazing too!

Now, we are taking things local.  Third, we’ve got Woodlot Candles.  Curated in Vancouver we can’t help but support these delightful scents.  Literally every single candle smells like a fresh relaxing spa.  Perfect for bath time or just generally trying to make your home smell fresh and calming. 

Finally, we’ve got the most delightful Diptyque candles. Every scent is absolutely to die for.  Not to mention their branding is on point.  We’ve got one to fill every room in the house.  Also, while we can, we want to make a quick note on etiquette: if someone is having you over for whatever reason, you should bring them a host/hostess gift (bottle of booze is typically the go to), however we LOVE giving candles! All of these are the best options. 

Happy Candle Hunting!

Voluspa Candle


Samantha and Michelle

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