Obsession: Blazers

So Spring has sprung and we are NOT missing the cold weather, but we are trying to figure out how to keep warm while we wait for the heat of summer to arrive.  This week we are obsessed with blazers.  What better way to transition from cold to blazing sun than with a versatile and functional blazer!  It’s perfect for day when you can roll up the sleeves or drape it over your shoulders and at night you can look hot and feel bundled at the same time – win win!  Let’s see what blazers we are obsessing over this week…

We are starting with our fave style of white blazer.  White…yes…white, not black.  It’s true!  We love the structure of this one and the straight lines.  It works so well with a dressy look for work or just jeans and a tshirt for a little spice.  Don’t even get us started on how cute this would look with ripped boyfriend jeans and heels!

Second, we have the colour du jour – pink.  Wow…who are we??  White and now pink!  We love how the sleeves roll up to make this look casual and it looks soooo cute with a denim skirt and booties.  This one can have the sleeves cuffed as well for another alternative casual look.  So obsessed!

Third, tweet and leather. A modern twist, how fun is that?!  We love the look of it and have carried this one from our winter wardrobe into the spring wardrobe.  You know there are those dark gloomy days when technically it’s spring, but to hell if you’re going to buy into that?!  Yeah, that’s when we’d wear this!  Black dress, black boots, black blazer – with a little bit of fun!

Fourth, more patterns, stripes!  We are totally head over heels for blazers like this – they are classic, but you can always continue to modernize them depending on what you pair them with.  Obviously we love that classic look, but sometimes you just need a little edge.  A perfect purse, or the perfect accessories can help with this!

What blazers are you rocking this spring?!


Michelle & Samantha

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