Obsession: Belts

Belts.  How obsessed are you with them?  We love how they can add such a pop to an outfit and really tie things together.  They can go with the most basic outfit and even the dressiest.  Belts seem like a long lost art of fashion’ing!  We’re obsessed with them this week – let’s see what we have our eyes on!

We start with the classic black leather and gold buckled Gucci belt.  It’s timeless and really goes with anything.  We obsess over it with basic black jeans and black shirt ever so slightly tucked in to show it off.  It also looks so good on a plain black dress to give it a little dressier feel.  You cannot go wrong with this one which is why we’re so in love with it!

Next belt?  Do you ever wear a high waisted pencil skirt or party skirt and a cute top tucked in?  Do you ever feel like your outfit is missing something and then you tend to compromise with an oversized necklace because you don’t know what else to do?  Yah…look no further!  This highwaisted plate belt is perfect for exactly those times.  It also pairs well with highwaisted pants and culottes!!

Third, we obsess over Louis Vuitton’s belts.  The quality of leather they use is phenomenal and the buckle can be transferred to different belts.  Oh, did we need to mention that a ton of their belts are actually reversible as well?! Two in one, sign us up!

Fourth, we’ve got some studded action.  Do you guys remember when you were younger and you’d wear those bad ass studded belts?! Well, now we’ve got them in adult form, and they are so much more beautiful with this valentino studded version.

Samantha and Michelle

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