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Hey Guys!  Guess what?!  We’re STILL here, and still obsessing over all things tropical.  This week we want to dive right in and talk about our beach accessories. We’ve got four MUST-have’s at the beach for you so if you’re heading somewhere sunny and warm with a beach, listen closely. 

First up, our trusty s’well water bottle.  24-hours of a cold beverage.  Need we say more…  We’re thinking not.  It’s pretty self explanatory but just in case we got this for you.  Hot beach for longer than 5 minutes + normal water bottle = boiling hot water.  Seriously, are we trying to cook pasta?!  No, we want a nice cold beverage.  Hit up the s’well.  You won’t be sad you brought it.

Next, Eugina Kim’s hats.  The idea of embroidering a message on a hat.  Absolutely brilliant.  Sending a message home, or to the person next to you AND keeping that scalp and hair sun safe.  Yes please.  Our fave is obviously Do Not Disturb.  Seriously though, it’s vacay time!

Third, we’ve got THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR. Chair/lounger/love seat (try it sideways, it’s amazing)… Whatever you want to call it and however you want to use it.  The inflatable chair (inflatable by actively running to fill it with air) packs up shockingly small.  It is easily portable and it is perfect for naps.  OH, it also floats. Pretty sure that’s all you need to know about this guy.

Finally, and because we know how much we love cocktails, we need some cozy’s at the beach.  We need to keep those bevies as cold as possible.  These ones are so cute if you’re heading away with your man.  It is much more obvious whose drink is whose if you’re like us and just grab whichever is closest to you!


Let us know what we’re missing, were always up for more fun ideas to take to the beach!


Michelle & Samantha 

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