Obsessions – August 2.0 – Home Decor

Home is where the heart is.  Right?  Who said that?  It’s true.  We love home.  We love cozying up, entertaining and most of all, decorating!  Home decor is something we obsess over.  We may travel a ton but we are total home bodies and we find it so fun to seek out those easy accessories that give your space a fresh look while adding a fun accent.  Here’s what we’re obsessing over this week for mini decor makeovers!

First, marble.  We LOVE marble!  We haven’t even mentioned that this marble and wood cutting board is perfect for cheese.  We LOVE cheese!!  West Elm has nailed our favourite things in one precious little package.  This serving piece looks great on your countertop as well as a way to put our appies.

Second, candles.  We are candle girls!  This Simpatico Hobnail glass candle.  It’s a great colour that makes your space feel fresh.  The little dots give a great texture to a plain space.  And best yet, when it’s done (after 100 hours), use it as a vase!  We love this candle!!

Third, we’ve got these amazing throw pillows.  How cute would it be to go to sleep to these amazing pillows with your other half.  He may not like home decor, but maybe he can… or should… get on board with these pillows (we’ve also go the matching one that says hi, gorgeous!).  They are a prefect piece to complete any bedroom. 

Finally, as we mentioned above, when it comes to home decor, we are candle obsessed.  For the looks for sure but nothing smells better than a home with lit candles.  You can see where this is going… we love delicious smelling things and feel it reflects well as a part of “home decor”.  Everyone always remembers the scent of our home and it starts in our closets; we are obsessed with good smelling clothes.  As you wear them, the deliciousness gets carried through the house.  That means laundry detergent, fabric softener, and these diptyque scented ovals.  Hang them on a hanger in your closet and your clothes smell absolutely fabulous.  We cannot get enough, and to be honest, buy these too often as we can’t get enough of their fabulous scents. 

Happy home decorating!  Hopefully we’ve inspired your inner designer today.


Michelle & Samantha  

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