Obsessed with Water Bottles

Not sure about you guys, but we have an addiction.  Not a normal one (is that offensive?!  SORRY… but seriously…who’s addicted to water bottles?!).  But we have one.  It’s to… well, we already gave it away: water bottles.  We see a cute one, we buy it.  We are saying it’s an addiction.  Because, it is.  BUT!!!!  It all comes from a healthy place.  For example “if I have this mega cute water bottle, maybe I’ll drink more water”.  That’s total bull shit and you know it.

Why do we know it?!

Because we do it all the time.

And our pee is still neon yellow.

At least we try, right?!

Okay, well enough about pee, let’s talk about our fave water bottles.  Ok, so if you know us (hopefully you do?!), you know we love Valentino.  Valentino Rockstuds that is.  Well, this cutie little pink water bottle has rockstuds.  So why wouldn’t it be on our top faves?!  Right, that’s what we thought. 

Next, we’ve got our good old fashioned s’well bottles.  Obviously not old fashioned with this technology (24 hours COLD, 12 hours HOT), but old fashioned to us given we each have about 4 s’well bottles.  We love the textured ones just to add a different flair of fun.

Third, how cute is everything Kate Spade and everything polka dots – let alone together?!  We love the toggle on the side of this one so that it’s easier to access and always in our hand so maybe we will drink more water?!  MAYBE.

Fourth, we realize this one isn’t for on the go, but sometimes (just sometimes) we end up home at the end of the day and what better way to drink water at home than from a pitcher of ice cold lemon water that we made?  Thanks CB2 for the $7.95 perfect pitcher to water down our lives with!

Just for shits and giggles, we also want to give a shout out to our fave glass bottles.  Shopstyle doesn’t have the link for us to make a fancy widget, but we love these glass water bottles with so many of our mantras from Privilege.


Michelle & Samantha

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