Obsessed with Florals

Florals…so hot right now.  What an easy way to Spring and Summer up your day than with a beautiful floral pattern.  Whether it’s on your shoes, pants, dress, skirt, top or tank florals seem to hit the spot right now just as well as a glass of cold rose.  Now that we think about it, floral outfits kind of make us feel like we are wearing a glass of rose…  Something is wrong with us, right?!  We digress…  This week we are all about florals, let’s see what patterns we’re obsessing over!

First, these white drawstring pants make us want to LIVE in them 24/7.  Who can resist the colour, pattern, drawstring, flowyness and femininity of these adorable pants?!  Dress them up or for casual entertaining on the patio they are soooo perfect!

Second we chose black based floral pants.  Strange, you didn’t think we were actually going to be able to resist black pants did you??  They look great with a metallic pair of heels and t-shirt or tank top for a casual yet glamorous look.  They add just enough of a pop without feeling very girlie and like a petal!

Third, we know it’s wedding season so we’ve got some fabulous dresses lined up and ready to go. This floral number is one of our favourites… High neck with the high to low skirt; visually pleasing, makes you look taller than you are.  We love it and would wear it all day every day, friends.  Too bad it really is just bigger event appropriate.  As in, we’d probably get some strange looks wearing it to work.

Finally, another floral number perfect for weddings.  This dress is totally dual purpose and is also suitable for backyard BBQs.  Dual purpose, always our jam.  Cute heels and a little cardi in case it gets cold for the wedding.  Jean jacket and some sandals for the BBQ.  Essentially this dress is a 2 for 1 deal.  No complaints.

What florals are up your sleeve this spring!?


Michelle & Samantha

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