New Year, New You

A new year is here and aren’t we all just busy making and breaking our resolutions?!  It gets us down when we make promises to ourselves that we just don’t keep.  So, we try not to do such drastic changes!  Like where we’re heading with this??  We like making small changes and subtle alterations to lifestyle in general to keep things going and easy to follow.  No one wants to deprive themselves fully of burrata or wine, right?!  Everything in moderation.  That’s what we’re helping you with not just this week but all month!  Yah!  This week we start off by looking at fitness regimes…


So, we’re not here to tell you how to work out or how often or what classes to take in.  That’s not our jam and we’d probably end up doing you a disservice!!  Need that help, ask a pro and if you need help with that, we can suggest some to you!  We’re here to help you WANT to follow through with your keep fit resolution.  We know you made one too, just admit it!


First thing…tools.  You will need a kick ass pair of runners.  We are obsessed with Nike Zooms.  They are more supportive than the Nike Free runners that we used to rock.  These are also black and white which should come as no surprise to you!  They look good and who doesn’t want to have the sickest shoes at the gym or the coolest shoes in a class?  Bonus?  They are great for packing and double in your wardrobe as a great walking shoe when traveling.


Next up?  The tech.  Our wireless Beats and Apple Watch help us cross the finish line.  Great music powers us through the toughest workout and our watch keeps us on track and accountable.  It even can buzz your wrist when you need to stand or keep on keepin’ on.

More ideas?  We needed some too!  We went for the literal looking route with the cutest sweats from Forever 21.  No pain no gain.  True story.  We also love the pink jump rope there too!  Thanks for helping us out Forever 21!  The jump rope is so great, packs up well and have your ever considered jogging with one and doing sprints then jump then sprint then jump?  We hadn’t either, but we started and love the extra bursts of BURN we get!

See our faves here…


Happy new year friends.  How are you accomplishing your fitness goals?



Samantha and Michelle

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