Netflix and Chill… but actually

Netflix and Chill…  When did we all start saying that?  Who made that a legitimate thing and turned it into something slightly dirty???  We are going to pretend it has no additional meanings and use it as a legitimate way to binge our day away.  Therefore, who invited the saying, we’d like to give you a hug and say “thank you”!  With an unending season of cold and rain we have been doing just that…Netflix and chill’ing…Again, and actually, JUST CHILLING  So, what are the essentials and what are we watching?

As usual, we start with Bailey’s.  You guessed it!  This time it’s Salted Caramel, so thanks to Bailey’s as well as Netflix and Chill guy.  We love it in our tea!!  A couple other essentials?  A Voluspa candle, a bowl full of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, a couple cozy pillows and the best YSL ipad case to hold it up for you so that your hands are free to get popcorn and Bailey’s to your mouth.


Honestly, our second alternative to the Bailey’s is a big ass glass of wine Olivia Pope styles – OBVIOUSLY that also includes the popcorn.  We are total popcorn hounds.  A few of our favourites include: brown butter popcorn with salt and pepper, a deliciously nutty taste, or rosemary parmesan popcorn, for the cheese obsessed.  By the way, did you know these flavors are significantly better for you and better tasting if you make them on your own.  Well now you do, and now we recommend it.  Get on that glass of wine and hit up that popcorn with our fave popcorn maker below.

Now that you know how we’re watching, you probably are wondering what we’re watching/binging on!

A few of Our faves are…

  • The Crown – because of a fascination with the Royals!
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Scandal – because who doesn’t want to channel their inner Olivia Pope at times??
  • White Collar – because Matt Bomer
  • Suits – because we all want to be with Harvey and are anxiously waiting for the next season to be released in Canada *hint hint Netflix*
  • House of Cards – just because
  • The League – Absolutely hilarious and almost makes you want to join a Fantasy Football league, but only available to our friends in the USA
  • No Tomorrow – oddly addictive, an easy watch with no real thinking involved.
  • Homeland – serious thriller/mystery/action packed show. If you haven’t watched it, stop reading now and go.
  • Narcos – we cannot tell you how much googling you will be doing after this show.  Like “did Pablo really staple a unicorn horn to a horses head” – the answer is yes.

We feel like we’ve set you up pretty nicely.  Let us know what you think… and friends, we will take any and all recommendations for us! Obviously we love those weekends where we do the literal meaning of Netflix and Chill.


Michelle and Samantha

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