Necklace Obsession

Ladies, do you love your jewelry as much as we do?!  We are firm believers that jewelry can make or break your outfit.  Obviously, that’s why we wanted to talk through our favourite necklaces today.  But first, we want to know if you ever have those strange moments where a certain word just seems so wrong?  It’s happening to us right now… necklace.  N-E-C-K-L-A-C-E.  Some lace for your neck?  Strange.  Anyways, back to what we’re actually here to talk about…

A necklace can say so many things about you.  It can describe you as whole… perhaps it’s a dainty one today.  Maybe it can describe your mood that day… perhaps you’re feeling a little punk rock with a choker?!  That’s why we love them so and what inspired us to share some of our favourites with you today.

First, and we are starting with a bang here, is the Van Cleef Alhambra necklace.  Honestly, any of their necklaces are so beautiful but we just love the way this one sits and the brightness it brings.  We’d honestly say, this describes many personailities and keeps you looking very put together.  Obsessed.

Second, is this beautiful long cross necklace.  FYI – we are not making any sort of religious statement with this one, it’s all about the fashion statement here.  It’s dainty with a little bit of an edge and can basically go with any outfit you might want it to.  This one is another true staple to our wardrobes.

Third is the choker.  No, not the choker – we should say THE choker.  Henri Bendel has taken the casual ribbon and totally tossed it out with window with this masterpiece!!  We love this with a collared shirt or with a leather coat look.  It’s our fave of the season!  

Fourth is the layered look.  We usually end up in a hot tangled mess strangling ourselves but we love the look anyways.  We love the length on the last layer of this gold simple looking necklace!

What necklaces are you obsessing over?


Samantha and Michelle

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