Mother’s Day Rose

For our mom’s, all mom’s and to one of us as a new mom…oh man…we don’t know how you do it!!  The nights, the days the endless everything.  We came out pretty ok, so thanks to our own moms for that!  But seriously…how did you do it??  The one thing that has been learned in the past three months as a new mom is the necessity for wine.  Thank goodness the two of us are good at that (DNA we definitely inherited)!!  We think that’s how our moms might have survived and we suspect the same for some of you too!

So, on this Mother’s Day we cheers you by taking the leg work out of picking the rose and just doing it for you!  You can thank us now, mom!  Seriously…it was a lot of work so you really should thank us.  We had to go to the wine store, select multiple bottles of rose, wait for a perfectly sunny day, dress for patio weather in cute outfits and then we had to TASTE all of these rose bottles all by our lonesomes.  Sigh.  So much work!!  That’s how much we love you, mom, we had to endure ALL of that just for you!  And our fave?  Domaine Houchart by far was our fave bottle of rose and Ex Nihilo SX Tous was our fave sparkling rose.

As you can tell, we are obsessed with rose just about everything.  Not just wine, but rose literally anything!!  We have created a perfect gift guide inspired by our moms and our rose love!  Click on the pictures below to help you with your shopping for your amazing mom!

Cheers to you, moms.  All of you.  Fur baby ones and real baby ones.  You all deserve it!


Samantha and Michelle

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