Monthly Obsessions: Our May Shopping List

If someone looked at the media in our messages between our phones they would know that almost daily we have a new item on our shopping hit list and we want to share those with you!  So every month you can check back for our most sought after pieces and learn about what we’d pair them with and when we’d wear the items.  We will also give you easy access to fulfill those online shopping needs.

Starting off our obsessions today is Pierre Hardy’s Suede Ankle Bootie.  Why?  You can easily wear this throughout the warmer weather season and pair them with a cute pair of shorts, shorter skirt or a nice, flowy dress. They are so similar to the Saint Laurent Boots but have an added dimension with the lighter color running along the ankle.

Sticking to our true shoe-fetish selves, next up is the original Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers.  Obsessed? Yes. Everyone should be.  They are comfy and look good with almost anything.  Dress?  OK!  Jeans?  OK! Dress pants?  OK!  Seriously, most easily justified shoe to be in your closet.  Most recently we’ve paired them with a pair of joggers as seen in the photo below. 

Next up, we are in love with all of the graphic tee’s and sweaters.  They make for the coziest and cutest lounge wear items in your closet.  This one is particularly close to home as we’ve got an upcoming trip to Cali and we think everyone there would appreciate this shirt!  Not to mention our love for 90’s rap!

Finally, with this sunny weather hitting us fast and furious we cannot help but notice everyone rocking their Christian Dior So Real shades.  Their unique shape and the fact that they come in all sorts of different colours makes them a viable sunglass option for everyone!

Let us know which of these goodies make their way into your closets! 


Michelle & Samantha

| Pierre Hardy Booties Here |

| Adidas Stan Smiths Here |

| Forever 21 Graphic Tee Here |

| Christian Dior So Real Sunnies Here |

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