Mix and Match Patterns

Patters.  Not our forte.  Seriously not.  We aren’t kidding.  We love to see them, we love to look at them, we love to buy them.  Then what?  We don’t get it.  We have to resort to looking at patterns on pinterest to see how to wear them.  And then we confuse things even more by mixing and matching those patterns that we don’t know what to do with in the first place.  Why?  Why would you mix and match patterns?  Because every runway between here and Milan is doing it.  All of them.  So we join in the fun.  Let’s see how we’re pairing patterns!

Michelle stayed in her colour comfort zone.  So we start there.  A black and white striped skirt.  Normally we take this skirt and pair it with a black bralette/crop top and voila – we are in business.  Not so this time.  We venture further into the world of patterns to see what’s next.  So, what do you put with that??

We opted for the maroon sheer top that has some polka dot pattern on it.  It looks cute, right??  We win!  LOVE the two patterns together and then texture of the sheer top with the longer cut of the skirt.  We topped it off with a black purse and black heels just to mute everything down a bit!  You could go bold with these, but we just aren’t ready for that…yet!

Skirt here | Top here | Purse here | Shoes here | Bracelet here |

Next, we have polka dots and swirls with stripes (please, tell me if you have a better explanation for this one… we’re pretty sure it’s 100% accurate and the best it’ll ever be!).  The muted colour palette allows this to work.  We wouldn’t necessarily brave this one on the daily, but in the right setting this outfit really does rule the world.

You know what totally ties these two patterns together, our pink chanel purse.  The pink gets pulled even further from the skirt and well, pink and blue always have and always will go together.  No arguing that one!

Top here | Skirt here | Purse here | Shoes similar here | Sunglasses here |

Let us know what you think of our crazy “mix and match patterns” experiment !


Michelle & Samantha

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