Metallics Going into Fall

Ok you guys, we are getting a bit wild… you know us boring, yet fun, and always wearing “black on black” or “white on white”.  Recently, we even jumped to dusty pink.. It was terrifying.  Yet here we are, making an even bolder jump: metallics!  WHO ARE WE?!?!  We are lining up for 2017 and getting bolder with our outfit choices!

Let’s jump into it, shall we.  Firstly, we’ve got Samantha rocking this amazing metallic dress. Oh, and what do you pair metallics with?!  More metallic shoes! Obviously. We said we were going big.  Here it is! Guess what though, we’re loving it!  It’s a perfect fall party outfit.  Depending on the couple, you could be really bold and wear it to a wedding, or you can wear it to a simple cocktail function with friends.  The choice is yours!

We would, however, recommend pairing this outfit with some fabulously large and flashy earrings such as we’ve done here.  Additionally, you can never go wrong topping it all off with a little Chanel as your accessory. Chanel goes with everything. 

Dress here | Shoes here | Purse here | Bracelet here | Earrings here |

Next up, Michelle rocking an amazing metallic leather top.  It’s shape is perfect such that it’s not too much for a simple lunch or shopping excursion.  You could really wear it anywhere.  A perfect pairing with the gold studs on the Valentino boots and the gold accents on the cuff.  Seriously… we can’t get enough of this outfit.  It’s too good to be true. 

Again, we’ve paired this outfit with Chanel because, well, Chanel goes with everything… But seriously, this necklace couldn’t compliment this outfit better.  Guess what else?!  Prada also goes well with everything, but this clutch really ties in the gold and black together.  Isn’t it the cutest?! 

Top here | Jeans here | Boots here | Purse here | Bracelet here and here | Necklace here |

We are thinking we’ve done pretty well on stepping out of our comfort zones with the metallics.  We actually cannot get enough of these outfits.  What do you think?!


Michelle & Samantha 

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