Making Winter Boots Look Cute

We cannot tell you enough about keeping your toes warm.  Especially when that snow starts falling and the ground is either full of snow or slushy freezing cold water.  Choosing functionality over style is something we don’t take lightly.  Which is exactly why we are NOT doing it now.  We’ve got some great outfits lined up for you to help make winter boots look cute.  Your toes will stay warm and you’ll still look so cute!

Michelle has dressed her winter boots down and looks darn cute!  Layers and layers on layers with boots.  So, let’s start peeling them back!  Black jeans make the winter world go round.  Can’t say enough about how awesome a perfect pair of black jeans are all winter long (and summer nights long too!).  Then a light coloured t-shirt under a black long sleeve shirt under a hooded, puffy North Face Jacket and our trusty Fendi cross body bag.  We are ready for anything!!

These North Face boots are amazing.  They are adorable with the fur at the top.  Boots with the fur…  Yes, we sang that.  They lace up and the best part, they can roll over so that you get a short little booty with exposed fur at the ankles.  They are warm (so key for our precious little toes) and they are so comfy (so key for our previous little feet)!

Winter Boots

Jacket here | Jeans here | Shirt here | Bag here | Boots here |

Dressing up winter boots is no problem either! We’ve got this super cute wool skirt on and by throwing on some tights and a cozy sweater, the winter boots somehow don’t look out of place.  You don’t feel weird about heading into a party…  You’ll actually be the envy of the party with your warm feet!

Let’s never forget about a nice warm jacket.  These neutral colours let you get away without the heels for one night.  Had we gone totally crazy with colour, the winter boots may have been too much.  Keeping it neutral is a perfect balance and will not get you judged or shuned from any parties.  KEEP THOSE TOES WARM.

Boots here | Tights here | Skirt here | Sweater here | Jacket here |

Good luck with those winter boots outfits!


Samantha & Michelle 


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