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So we are the first to admit that we love makeup but have no idea what to do with it, where to put it and how to get it on our face AND still look like some version of Mila Kunis or JLo.  Honestly, we are ok with that.  We’ve come to terms with that and fully accept that.  It also doesn’t mean that we don’t like to go out in the world bare-faced and we are still ladies at heart who would like to do something … as long as that something is easy and can basically fit in our clutch!  This week we are obsessed with makeup simplified that goes everywhere with us!

First we are obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat.  It is a lifesaver of another level.  It highlights those dark circles under your eyes and makes you look bright eyed and bushy tailed.  We are lying about the tail part, but serious about the eye part.  Our dear friend recently informed just that you can highlight your lips with it before putting on lipstick for a full lip look.  Let’s try it!

Second we are obsessed with anything that prevents and saves leather – feeling lips.  No one wants to have those, look at those or even kiss those.  So…we obsess over Rosebud Salve to fix that AND it smells nice AND it fits in your bag.  Win win.


Third, we are and eternally will be obsessed with Simple Cleansing wipes.  They gently remove even the heaviest of makeup and they are so soft on your face.  We generally always have these in our purse, backpack and carry on bags.  Fun fact…put them in the refrigerator (next to your rose wine) in the summer time to cool down and feel so refreshed.

Fourth we are mostly totally obsessed with Dior ‘Addict’ Milky Tint Nourishing Lip Fluid that gives your lips a light pink, milky, wet effect.  Sounds super random – agreed – but so worth trying.  It moisturizes your lips like no other and is so perfect for all those days where you don’t want a bright colour but need something to make you feel oh so pretty!

What are you obsessed with in your makeup bag?


Samantha and Michelle

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