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Are any of you those non-morning people who need their morning cup of java, tea, or perhaps some sort of energy smoothie to get you going?!  Well, we sure are!  That morning fix gets us moving and motivated for the day.  This is especially true in the winter when it’s too unbearably cold out.  We can’t even function let alone get out of our warm cozy beds.  Our only saving grace is zombing our way straight to the kettle OR knowing we are going to hit up our favourite local coffee shop.

Let’s get right to it shall we?!

Obviously we lead with something that speaks to us.  Basically this sign at one of our favourites is saying “you do you”.  Which was our 2016 mantra.  You want dessert first?!  Well eat it!  You want to have pasta for dinner 7 out of 7 nights a week?!  We’re not stopping you and neither is the Last Crumb Cafe.

Okay guys, we are letting you in on a mega secret, our favourite place for London Fog’s.  We usually would prefer to keep this a secret but since we feel it would be morally wrong not to share our favourite London Fog with you, we are doing it.  So we urge you to head over to Main St and 15th Avenue in Vancouver and wonder into this little gem.  If you have a gluten allergy, you really shouldn’t miss out on this place.  It is perfectly quaint, with an upstairs if you are eating in and are well equipped for those to-go times if you need.  Here is their website if you need, we’re totally sure you do as we truly feel we convinced you…!

Another favourite cafe has just reopened downtown at Drake and Burrard.  Musette Caffe has a great feel inside and is a perfect place to grab your morning java – and PORK BELLY BREAKFAST SANDWICH.  Yes, we just said that.  They seriously have that!  Another item not to miss there is their inhouse made nutella croissant.  Seriously…we are totally addicted.  It’s become an interference with our New Years get fit resolution, but we just can’t stop!  They have a patio under contsruction and we cannot wait to start cruiser biking there later this Spring and Summer.  We are so happy they are back open and making our mornings easier one day at at a time!

Where are your favourite local coffee fixes in Vancouver?!


Michelle & Samantha

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