Leather Leggings

Wanna know the best piece you can keep in your wardrobe repetoire?  The easiest piece to pair with a tshirt?  The simplest piece to pair with a black lace top?  Yah…we’ve got it for you and it’s leather leggings!  Do you have some?  If not, they are a MUST.  We love ours and basically live in them!  We wear them over and over and literally could never get sick or bored of them.  They look so good and can be dressed up or dressed down and go with almost anything in your closet.  Let’s take a look at how we’re wearing them!

It should come as no surprise that Michelle is wearing her black leather leggings with black on black on black on fleek.  Shocking!  Ok, so we both are a bit guilty of pairing the darks together, but you can’t go wrong when you do that and you definitely can’t go wrong when you do it with leather!  So, she’s paired her leggings with a black top from Theory that’s pleated at the bottom.  It contrasts the edgy’ness of the leather with the femininity of the pleat, we just love doing that!

Her outfit is completed with a pair of over the knee suede boots, a wrap around long faux diamond necklace and our fave YSL tassel purse.  The necklace?  We love, it can hang long, wrap twice or even three times.  It’s our new fave!!  With leather leggings though, the world is your oyster.  You can pair them with tennis shoes and a tshirt or you can go dressy like she has.  We love the look of tan boots with black leather leggings and don’t even get us started on Louboutins with our leather leggings!

Top here | Leggings here | Boots here | Purse here | Necklace here |

Next up, we’ve got Samantha trying really hard to branch out of that black on black.  We really just want to share that it’s actually the most difficult thing for us to do SO instead of getting our outfit out of our black on black faves, we’ve accessorized outside the box.  Are you proud?! Don’t be… we will work on it.. but not today friends, not today!  So as per usual, we’ve got black leather leggings, a great versatile black sweater, and a perfect black collared tank to wear underneath.

So we’ve got bad ass, and then we’ve got a beautiful stacked pearl necklace.  This necklace takes away a bit of the harshness involved in this outfit.  Additionally, to add to that femininity, we’ve got some pink accessories.  Pink louboutins always scream feminine.  Guess, what?! Pink Chloe also screams feminine.

Leggings here | Sweater here | Collared Tank here | Necklace here | Shoes here | Purse here |

How are you wearing your leather leggings?!


Michelle and Samantha

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