Layering up for Spring

Hot…cold…warm…cold…ugh!  It’s honestly so exhausting, not to mention annoying for the men in our lives who have to hear about it!  Anyone else struggling with being warm one minute and then cold the next as the day goes on??  We are!  And a latte with Baileys in it just isn’t enough to moderate our body temperatures.  It’s that time of year where we are desperately reliant upon layers – and lots of them!  Let’s see how we’re layering up this week and what ideas we have!

Samantha has layered up while adding some colour to our otherwise typical black outfits.  We’ve got the classic white tee, which might need to be worn at the drop of a hat if there’s suddenly a nice stream of sunshine going through the window, followed by a great jean chambray, a perfect layering up piece, and topped off with our leather jacket.  Layer up or layer down, you’ll keep looking stylish!

We obsess over studded shoes, they add a perfect edge to any outfit, including this one which would otherwise be pretty tame.  Finally, we’ve kept the colour palette pretty neutral here so we can play around with brights and darks and it looks completely normal.  Very necessary when you’re this busy layering up!

Jeans here | Tee Shirt here | Chambray here | Jacket here | Purse here | Shoes similar here and here

Michelle started from the outside in…  She is wearing 3 layers and all 3 are equal in weight which is nice, so when you take one off you still have more options!  It’s tough when you layer with something very light as a base (like a tank top) and then a big heavy sweater on top – you will still struggle for that happy medium temperature and no one wants to take the sweater off and put it back on over and over again!  We digress…

So, Michelle started with her fave J Brand jean jacket and then layered a casual grey pullover layered on top of a soft and causal button down collared shirt.  It’s semi-preppy but looks really good with her ripped grey jeans and canvas shoes.  To top it off, she’s layering up with our fave Longchamp tote that could easily carry another scarf layer should you need!

Jacket here | Pullover here | Blouse here | Jeans here | Shoes here | Purse here

What layers are you rocking this Spring?


Samantha and Michelle

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