Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces.  It’s confusing.  It’s a tangled mess.  It’s too much thought.  Most of all, sometimes we just don’t get how to do it!  How do her necklaces just not end up twisting and becoming one annoying knot that feels like it’s going to strangle you???  How does she do it???  Yah, so we don’t get it either.  We are here to simplify it though and give you some options of how to do it and how it works for us.  There are some basic rules to follow, so let’s see what we’re working with!

First, length.  You will want to work with different length necklaces.  Don’t layer necklaces that fall to the same place – pick ones that are shorter and longer.  They compliment each other better.

Second, texture.  Pick necklaces that have different chains so that they stand out and it’s clear that you are layering different ones.

Third, genre.  By this we mean keep the necklaces in the same realm – silver with silver and gold with gold.  It also means that a short dainty pearl necklace should be paired with another dainty necklace and not heavy studs or skulls.  Keep the genre together.

Fourth, have fun.  It’s always fun when you can change the look of an outfit by layering necklaces with it so try it out and see what works!!  Have fun with it!

Michelle has on two necklaces from Forever 21…one with diamonds and one with feathers.  Fun and no tangle free!

Another option to layer necklaces that is fast, easy and stunning is to just buy a layered necklace!!  Who would have thought?!  Such a cheat move, but they come together, they are paired together and they obviously work together!  Our fave layered necklaces are from Henri Bendel.  We love the use of gold and beads and tassels – who doesn’t?!  Much like our layered necklaces, we love our layered rings and layers of MAC – eyeshadow and pigments.  Layer, layer, layer ladies!


Samantha and Michelle

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